Thanks to Discovery Tree’s confidential internet surveillance system, parents can sit at their computer at work and watch their children having fun at preschool. Each parent receives a username and password which allows them to view live internet images of their child enjoying the day at The Discovery Tree.

The Discovery Tree l
Hummingbirds Bluebirds
PreSchool Camera 1 PreSchool Camera 2
Robins Camera 1 Robins Camera 2
Pre-K Camera 1 Pre-K Camera 2
The Discovery Tree ll
Caterpillars 1 Caterpillars 2
Butterflies 1 Butterflies 2
Grasshoppers 2 Grasshoppers 2
Grasshopper 1 Pre-K
Preschool 1 Preschool 2
The Discovery Tree lll
Teddy Bears 1 Teddy Bears 2
Panda Bears 1 Panda Bears 2
Polar Bears 1 Polar Bears 2

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